Sheesh lady, what did we ever do to you?

Well, there was that one article we wrote about Greg Gutfeld destroying her in a back and forth … maybe that did it?

And honestly, we’re not entirely sure why she got so angry at us over the Michael Moore story in particular, but to each her own.

We do write some goofy stuff but what was it about this particular article this finally sent her over the edge?

Someone get this woman a therapy chicken! (it’s really a thing)

Could it have been Moore’s picture?

Granted, that could make a lot of people run away but sheesh, Cheri seems a tad angry.

There are plenty of Twitchy editors who have been more than vocal about staying objective with Trump, but we’ve managed to keep our sense of humor which is imperative if one wants to survive covering politics in any way.

Ultimately there are two rules to live by, Ms. Jacobus:

  1. Keep your sense of humor
  2. Stay outta jail


Hang in there, Cheri!


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