Katie Pavlich was discussing relationships and respect between spouses in regard to the Pence’s having guidelines for their marriage. Yeah, apparently it’s super sexist to respect one another enough not to be in questionable situations … who knew?

Absolutely. Not only religious couples but couples in general with a great deal of respect for one another just avoid things that could harm them or their relationships. Makes sense.

Unless of course you’re looking to make this about using Pence to hate on Trump:

Huh? That’s not what anyone said.

There can be something intimate about having dinner with someone, again, not sexist just perception. Nothing wrong with that.

Oh boy. So Pence not having dinner with female staff is sexist now?


And likely married women appreciate when their male counterparts don’t put them in weird spots. Respect seems such a foreign concept these days.

Here we go.


*someone break out the tiny violins*

This really has been blown WAY out of proportion, yup.

No offense but CRIPES woman, take a deep breath.


We kinda sorta love that Pence respects his wife enough to put up with this nonsense.


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