Greg Gutfeld made a comment about CNN basically hunting down the guy who created the meme they didn’t like (and then of course hunting down the wrong guy) on July 4.

You know, two days ago?

Guess what’s really pretty crazy is someone trolling Greg’s timeline to attack a two-day old tweet …

Huh? Where did Greg say that?


And we get it. Cheri Jacobus was tormented by Trump supporters for months BUT this attack on Gutfeld over a fairly harmless tweet seems bizarre even for her.

What the? Who? Why?


Oh boy.

Yeah, we saw this one coming from a mile away …

Then she took it further and started to quote-tweet Greg. Basically people do this when they’re trying to get others to jump into their ‘debate’ and defend them; that or they’re just looking for attention.

No he didn’t.

What he said.

Guess two can play at the quote-tweet game.

Something like that.

Pretty sure this didn’t go the way Cheri thought it would.


WOW: Kirsten Powers tries justifying CNN’s actions, claims racists/misogynists don’t have this right

YAAAS! Hands DOWN, this is the BEST Trump vs CNN gif out there (bonus Hillary Clinton SLAM)