If you don’t know or follow Jesse Kelly on Twitter, you’re missing out. Not only is his fashion sense stellar (we still miss that mint green jacket), but he most always presents smart takes on all things political.

Yesterday, after the events that took place in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday, Jesse took to Twitter to talk about his own experience running a campaign and how opponents use the term, ‘Nazi.’

We didn’t include the entire thread (we suggest you go read it), but this is what led to a bizarre and angry back and forth between Jesse and Cheri Jacobus:

Politics is dirty, yup.

Jacobus should have just left it alone:

Jesse sent her a story from Politico, and Jon Gabriel also spoke up to verify his story:

But that wasn’t enough for Cheri.

Oh boy.

Huh? What? Where did he say that at all?!

People in politics get broken every day.

Stop it.

And there it is.

In Cheri’s defense, the 2016 election was not easy on her or for her, but attacking people like Jesse over a thread where he is explaining how ugly campaigns and people can be? The power of words like ‘Nazi’ from opponents?

Why do that?


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