You know why Taylor Swift had a great year? Because no matter what, she didn’t let morons on the Left pressure her into getting political. Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano, Joss Whedon, Ice Cube, Michael Ian Black … the list of annoying entertainers thinking they have something to offer politically goes on and on. And all they’ve really done is annoy everyday Americans.

Guessing they didn’t have such a great year.

Good for Taylor!

But look out, Kevin ‘I hate white people even though I’m white’ Allred took issue with Taylor for having a good year. Suppose when you’ve spent part of your year being fired over stupid comments you made on Twitter you can get a little bitter, right?

Just FYI, when someone calls a white woman Becky it’s an insult. Actually, it’s a disgusting way of calling her a slut but we digress.

Everyone else is fighting for their lives under Trump? WHERE?


We see lots of people getting jobs, making more money, the military kicking ass and pushing back on ISIS, future tax cuts for most Americans … then again, if your whole life is based on progressive agenda BS things might be a little rough under Trump.

GOP is working on HUGE tax cuts for most Americans.


Anyone else think Kevin comes off as a really mean high school girl?

Guess it’s tough being an out-of-work Beyoncé prof.


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