Ted Cruz kinda sorta trolled the Net Neutrality whiners, and it’s kinda sorta awesome.

Guess how much the ‘snowflakes’ freaked out over this tweet:

Zack seems angry.

Someone should tell Zack there are plenty of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as good.


You gotta wonder how hard Ted laughed at some of these responses.


Sure Ted is shaking in his boots over this challenge.


Progressives lecturing ANYONE on ‘disrespect’ is a lot like Dahmer lecturing people about eating meat.

Just sayin’.

For the love of God let the government babysit EVERY PART OF OUR LIVES! Thinking and doing for ourselves is too hard.

THIS guy has a blue check?

M’kay Twitter.

There are 7,000 replies to Ted’s tweet, 98% of which are super-triggered liberal green penises screeching at Ted for not supporting government control over the Internet. In essence, they are arguing for the guy they actually seem to hate (Cruz, Trump) to have CONTROL over their Internet, which is actually hilarious when you think about it.

Almost as hilarious as this tweet.


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