Fine, Stephen.

If Republicans are pigs, guess that makes you a jackass.

It’s piggery to want Americans to keep more of their money?

We’re starting to wonder if people like Stephen are reading the wrong bill or perhaps need to go back to school and study reading comprehension because pushing the idea that cutting taxes for the majority of Americans is somehow a bad thing is just bizarre.

Seriously, if you’re a poor person in America and you see someone as WEALTHY as Stephen King bitching about rich guys doesn’t that get on your nerves after awhile?

“Hey look, that rich guy who writes scary stories cares about the poors!”

Democrats LOVE to keep the little people ‘poor’ because then they’re easier to ‘save’ and then ultimately milk for a vote. Plus Democrats realize that once the middle class sees how much they’ve been getting hosed (and it’s not just the evil rich people) their game is over.

We’ll eat our hat if Stephen King has read this bill. Our guess is he saw some clever headline on HuffPost and was inspired to tweet this stupid.

Which makes him the 2017 Ass Clown of the Year!

Congrats, Mr. King.


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