Not a parody. Think about that.

Ian certainly has his knickers in a twist, not only about Trump but about Gorsuch – he certainly has spent enough time over the past year bitching about them both.

He was triggered by this tweet about people needing to work together (no, we’re not making this up).

Work together.

Get outta here with your crazy talk.

He should have left off everything after his ‘but.’

Well, that’s good because we’re not a Democracy.

How anyone can take this guy seriously, we’ll never know. Our only real solace is that there aren’t a ton of people fav’ing this nonsense.

Maybe there’s hope yet!

Holy sh*t, right?


Little l here, little d there.

So deep and stuff, man.

Just pat him on the head and walk away.

He’d want a war with the Right until he remembers we’re the one with all the guns.

And curtain.


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