What’s the German word for stupid? Because if it’s not ‘Richter’ we’re going to be super disappointed (actually, we did look it up and it’s not Richter, but WOW that would have been hilarious).

Andy Richter thinks Conservatives have a problem with Nazis.

We know, he’s not bright.

Over 61k morons fav’d this tweet, and 15k retweeted it.


Any day now, SMOD.

Guess how this tweet went over with Conservatives:

Nazi has become the new racist, which is just pathetic. Think about it, during the Obama years, any time you disagreed with the president or any of his minions you were automatically a racist. Didn’t like Obamacare? Racist. Didn’t think we should give millions of dollars to terrorists? Racist. Was concerned when the IRS was targeting people because of politics? Racist.

Now it’s Nazi.

Even their rhetoric is regressing these days.

They’re probably more than happy to be called Communists; how many articles has the New York Times written about how Communism gets a bad rap?

Well, there’s that, too. Nazis were socialists, which is like the OPPOSITE of a Conservative.

Slappy. Heh.

Dude, he’s been dead for like a week or something, they’ve moved on.

Always remember, progressives like to project their own BS on people they disagree with.

Psh. Nazi.


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