Alyssa Milano took to the Twitters on Sunday night seemingly ‘damn mad’ about the GOP Tax Bill, determined to prove that it is a #BadDealForWomen. We’re willing to bet she didn’t really read the bill and likely saw some progressive, Lefty rag claiming it will kill ALL THE WOMEN so she decided to pretend to be an activist and start a hashtag.

So radical.

How will it devastate women, Alyssa? Which tax bill are they voting on? Can you point to specifics about the bill that you’re concerned about?

Guessing she couldn’t answer any of these questions and that whatever headline she came across while tweeting formed her opinion on the matter, end of story. Maybe Guy Benson helped straighten her out a little with this helpful hint about the bill:

Every. Income. Group.

Repeat after us, Democrats. TAXATION IS THEFT.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Seems progressives don’t understand where tax dollars come from, and that for the government to ‘give’ them things it must first take those things from someone else.


Preach sister!

This isn’t difficult, folks.

Progressives have poisoned feminism and all but destroyed it.

True story.


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