That’s all this editor could think when this silliness crossed her timeline Sunday evening:

We cover Tariq here and there on Twitchy because let’s face it, he says some really stupid things. And that’s kinda sorta what we do here, we make fun of … err … we cover people saying and doing stupid or entertaining things. Every once in awhile someone will say something AWESOME and we cover that, but for the most part, a good deal of our day is looking through the news and Twitter feed for someone saying something dumb.

But apparently, we’re far more nefarious than that … Tariq continued:

It’s a giant CONSPIRACY ya’ know. We’re like the Illuminati, the Twitchinati. Yeah, that’s it.

But wait, there’s MORE.

Did you know Twitchy editors gather together every weekend just so we can plot world domination … and kick puppies? Tariq is ON to us, man.

We’re sorta like the Legion of Doom with a bit more snark, a little OCD, and a serious coffee problem.

Luckily our founder, the one, the only, the snark-queen herself, called Tariq out on his BS:

That’s the real kicker here folks, he called Twitchy white supremacists because we MOCKED HIM for calling strong, black woman white supremacists. The double kicker is this editor wrote BOTH stories he’s bitching about and in both stories the joke was made that he would likely call Twitchy white supremacists for writing about him.

And he did.

To think, this website is FREE.


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