Would appear that Tariq Nasheed is less than impressed with the speaker line-up at the Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit.

Keep in mind, this yahoo has called black pro-life women like Obianuju Ekeocha a white supremacist so clearly he sees white supremacy EVERYWHERE. You could say the sky is blue in front of Tariq and if you’re a white person, he would find a way to claim you’re a supremacist.

He’ll likely call us white supremacists for writing this piece.

And speaking of him calling people white supremacists …


Oh geez. Stay classy, Tariq.

Joy Villa came in with the assist for Antonia.

Because he’s a small, little-minded, insecure man who thinks the only way he can be important is the race card.


Hey, at least he didn’t call her a white supremacist, right?

Oh geez. So is he basically calling her a white supremacist or just a collaborator? Isn’t this really the same thing?

Nice typo, Tariq. Stellar even.

DAMN SON. Someone get him some ointment because that burn has got to STING.


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