Stacey Dash tweeted that her mother had passed overnight …

It didn’t take long for this troglodyte and troll to crawl out from under his bridge to attack her and use her mother’s death to play politics.

Just. Wow.

And check out the ‘ratio’ of his tweet.

Who are the six degenerates who fav’d this?!

You’d think.

Politics over people ya’ know. Funny how the Left is always pretending it’s the Right who doesn’t care about people.



But wait, there’s more.

Hates the GOP so much he attacks a Conservative after her mom dies.

And they wonder why Trump won.

Did he really say no Democrat has supported Franken? Umm … wow.

Alrighty then.

‘Sad’ doesn’t quite cover it, but close.

Someone this blinded by hate can’t be reasoned with, folks.

Virtue signaling on steroids, yup.

Probably the most attention this guy has gotten … ever.

The world may never know.

Let’s just hope Stacey ignored all of his garbage.


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