These people act surprised that gun sales broke records on Black Friday. Why wouldn’t Americans buy a product that can be somewhat expensive on a day when they can get a significant break? What do you wanna bet sales on iPads, computers and other expensive items also broke records?


Oh, Piers. There’s a reason you guys lost that big war a couple of hundred years back. And we get it, you’re still a little bitter that we kicked your arses in a MAJOR way and then had to save you several times but c’mon, move on.

Still crying. Yup.



Like most gun grabbers Piers just doesn’t get it. Of course where he comes from their officers paint their nails blue in solidarity so it’s no wonder America confuses him so much.

Piers slammed himself and he didn’t even realize it.

He’s jealous. THAT’S it.

We knew it!

And that’s why they lost the war.


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