We’re starting to wonder if Tariq Nasheed at this point is just a professional troll on Twitter. Honestly. He doesn’t seem to garner attention unless he’s being a repugnant ass; we never see him say or do anything inspiring for his so-called movement. All we ever really see from him is crap like this:

Stay classy, Tariq.

Pro-life warrior and all-around badass Obianuju Ekeocha understandably took issue with his tweet and tried to appeal to him as a public personality.

Not sure Tariq knows how to be dignified.

Trolls are gonna troll.

That’s all he knows.

And of course, since Obianuju called it like it is, Tariq jumped the shark and attacked her personally:


Notice how Tariq is trying to make her opinion mean LESS because she might be married to a white man.

He doubled down:

Did he seriously just accuse Obianuju of being a white supremacist? Oh and super classy with the ‘professional black friend’ dig, Tariq.

Don’t bother watching this, just FYI.

And here comes the thunder:

Mic. Effing. Drop.


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