The Left needs to stop attacking men.

Period. The end.

Full stop.

It’s as if they didn’t get the memo on what equality really looks like; equality doesn’t mean we shame men and the way we raise boys. The editor of this piece has a son, and she worries about the way the country views him already. And this crap from Michelle Obama doesn’t help:

From The Hill:

“It’s powerful to have strong men but what does that strength mean?” asked Obama. “Does it mean respect? Does it mean responsibility? Does it mean compassion? Or are we protecting our men too much so that they feel a little entitled and a little, you know, self-righteous sometimes?”

She thinks we’re protecting men? On what planet?

Dana ain’t takin’ any prisoners.

She just gets it.

Progressive men are some of the most sexist and hateful men you will ever meet. We’re not saying they’re ALL sexist and hateful, but if you saw how they treat Dana and other Conservative women for disagreeing with them you’d totally get it.

They say horrible things to her especially.

Progressive men LOVE women, as long as they agree with them.

Such a perfect visual, ha!


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