We’ve written about Tommy Campbell once before, and full transparency, we still don’t really know who he is. What we DO know is that he tweets some of the dumbest crap we have seen on Twitter, and we look through a LOT of dumb crap.

For example:

Umm … should we tell him?

Ya’ know, calling for the death penalty for a dude who is already dead seems like overkill.


Tommy is trying to make a point that Trump is racist because he wants the evil bastard who ran a bunch of innocent people over in New York City put to death.

The nerve.

Yeah! That’ll show the NRA!

Double tap and stuff.

Hey man, you can never be too careful.

And really, does he want to play the president golfing game? Maybe he missed it, but Obama golfed right after he found out James Foley had been beheaded … c’mon man.

Odds on whether or not Tommy actually realized the gunman from Las Vegas was dead?



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