Trump tweets, the Left freaks. The man could tweet out that the sky was blue and they’d find a way to scream about it and call him a racist. This has been the pattern for several years now and of course, it’s only gotten worse since he became president.

Yesterday, when a ‘rogue’ employee at Twitter took Trump’s personal account down for 11 minutes we saw firsthand how much the Left really hates the idea of free speech. And then this morning, when Trump responded (as only he can) to his account’s removal, we saw the Left in all their delicate, fragile and batsh*t glory:

The INSTANT he tweeted the thread was flooded with dumb.

Anthony seems angry.

Because the Left doesn’t want ANYONE with any authority who disagrees with them to speak out.

Yeah, it’s awesome that someone would abuse a position to silence someone they disagree with politically. MERICA.

These people.

Even after they have concrete proof that there is massive corruption on the Left, they are on Twitter screeching at Trump over a Twitter account. Let that sink in for a minute.

Imagine the shiznit fit these same people would have thrown if this happened to Obama’s Twitter account?

And so on.

Here’s the thing, if you are not a fan of the president’s tweets, mute him or even block him. But celebrating the silencing of anyone in this manner is just weak.

Get a grip, people.

Twitter blames human error for deactivation of President Trump’s personal account; Updated