Argh, if we read one more tweet about players taking a knee at the NFL we may run screaming from the room … unless of course that tweet is included in a mini-tweetstorm where Ben Shapiro NAILED this whole ridiculous situation.

See for yourself:

Bingo. Kneeling to do the opposite of what Trump wants actually plays right into his hands. He wanted this reaction, he thrives on the drama and division and he knew the Left would throw their usual temper tantrum.

Damned if they’re not consistent.

Double bingo. You can support their efforts without disrespecting America yourself; when did it become the new ‘thing’ to hate on America?

Triple bingo.

Kneeling during the National Anthem if you have a problem with America is your right, which is ironic when the reason you can do that is because you live in America. But hey, still your right, which makes what Trump said especially stupid.

Who knew both ‘sides’ could be so simultaneously wrong?

Oh yeah, we did.

Whoohoo 2017!


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