You know those tweets you come across where you read and re-read them to make sure they actually said what you thought they did? Tweets so poorly thought-out that in your mind you’re sure what you’re reading is either a mistake or a parody.

Especially when it comes from someone with a blue check.

And wow, Joy Reid’s tweet is impressively STUPID:

In her mind she thought this made sense.

No words.

How absolutely out of touch does someone have to be to think this tweet was a good idea?

Wait, don’t answer that.

This is in fact the opposite of a good point.

When you simply don’t have the words.

True. Only stupid people wouldn’t know the difference.

See Joy.

Colossally dumb is putting it mildly.

The Left lost their damn minds when Tim Tebow would kneel and pray during a game; hey, no one ever said the Left wasn’t filled with hypocrites.

Joy and the like just don’t get it, and they won’t get it.

Yeah, this one was EPICALLY bad.

This level of stupid should be painful, so it doesn’t get repeated.


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