What an obnoxious week Jimmy Kimmel has had, preaching to middle-class America about how they should be grateful for the healthcare scraps the federal government sees fit to give them while knowing he will NEVER have to worry about such things … and somehow being hailed as some great expert or wise man for it?

Just gross.

And speaking of gross …

But according to the Left we should listen to this guy about health care.

Especially since Chuck Schumer gave Kimmel all of his talking points.

Cute right?

Bingo. Comedians, athletes, actors, actresses – once these people thought they mattered more than the rest of us we were lost.

Brit triggered a few people with this one, ha!

Umm, k?

Ouch. *whispers, ‘Brit is right’*

Notice something all of these politi-tainers have in common?

Hrm, what could it be?

Ooh ooh, we know why!


Maybe Thomas should watch a little CNN or MSNBC?

Fair point.

And fin.


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