You know when a second-rate actress thinks she knows and understands comedy better than Mel Brooks, and has the nards to disrespect ‘Blazing Saddles,’ that the Left has officially lost its ever-loving mind.

Earlier this week, Mel Brooks slammed PC-culture (God love him):

Mel’s right, if they tried to release ‘Blazing Saddles’ in this day and age, every overly sensitive, looking-to-be-outraged SJW would be protesting the movie and accusing Brooks of being a racist, sexist, anti-Semite.

Because people are unable and unwilling to think for themselves in the age of PC, which is why Brooks slammed it in the first place.

Oh Patricia.

Patricia seems to think the world would survive without free thought and laughter.

A woman who makes movies for a living …

That explains SO MUCH.

Of course she is.

The Left LOVES to tell people what they should and shouldn’t think, believe in, support, eat … and then they have the nerve to accuse the Right of being controlling.

If these PC-obsessed folks would just pull the sticks out of their posteriors they’d be a far happier group, sheesh.


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