The nerve of President Trump calling for a National Day of Prayer after Texas and Louisiana were both hit by Hurricane Harvey last week. Who does he think he is asking Americans to pray for their fellow Americans who may have lost their homes, their belongings, their families or even their lives.

You know your hatred for a president has gone overboard when you take issue with even something as simple as prayer:

And here we thought Alyssa was all about being nonpartisan and stuff.

Guess she’s only nonpartisan when it comes to the Left, which is actually partisan but what do we know?


Seriously she seems to be that pathetic, yes.

Nothing is wrong with prayer – besides, proclaiming a day for prayer doesn’t mean you have to pray.


Not sure what she was thinking with a tweet like that.

We get it, she doesn’t like Trump, but that was obnoxious when he was only calling for Americans to pray because part of our country was hit by a hurricane.

Others took her suggestion for renaming the day and applied it to … her.

C’mon Alyssa, be better.


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