Chelsea Clinton thought it would be a good idea to invoke the spirit of the ‘National Day of Prayer’ to make an overly emotional plea for DACA:

She has to know the only people this sort of rhetoric appeals to already support DACA, she’s not changing anyone’s mind with this claptrap.

And seriously on that note, Chelsea should probably avoid any talking points about praying … just sayin’.


HEY! How dare you counter this emotional argument with facts and reality?! Surely this is racist, or sexist, or something.

Chelsea was super WOKE as a six year old.

Democrats need to create special classes of people so they can pretend to SAVE THEM, in turn securing their votes. Don’t let any of them fool you, ultimately it boils down to more votes for their party, not the actual people.

Obama had a pen and a phone. *shrug*

They conveniently leave that tidbit out, how employers exploit illegal labor and basically treat these people as indentured servants but HEY … they’re Dreamers.

Funny ain’t it, watching a Leftist pretend to care about prayer.


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