Senator Jeff Flake doesn’t think people who are in this country illegally should have to face the consequences of breaking the law.

Seems legit.

From Mediaite:

During today’s broadcast of CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Jeff Flake(R-AZ) noted that ending DACA was something the president had promised he’d do on the campaign trail and said this is one of those promises he wished he wouldn’t uphold.

“They should not be promised for the sins of their parents,” Flake told guest host Dana Bash about DACA recipients. “That’s just the basic principle we should follow here.”

Let us get this straight … their parents illegally brought them into this country, knowingly breaking the law, and in Flake’s mind the basic principle we should follow here is ignoring that the law was broken?



Fine, if Flake wants to play this card then he and the rest of the Senate can step up and vote on it; and then actually do something about the millions of illegals living in this country every day.


But for the last five years they could blame Obama and pretend he wouldn’t let them pass anything.

Sad reality is kids are indeed punished for their parents’ actions every day.

They’re saying we should just ignore the fact that our laws were broken and that they for whatever reason should be able to jump in front of the thousands of other immigrants looking to respect our country and our laws by entering LEGALLY.

Well of course, we shouldn’t punish the kid for his parent’s sins … or something.

Like that will happen.


Gonna leave a mark! John McCain will feel this Instapundit REALITY-SLAM for weeks