It seems like DACA has brought out the ugliest (and most hilarious) deleted tweets from our ‘friends’ on the Left. Suppose that’s what happens when your whole set of political ideals is based on emotion rather than fact or reality.

Like this winner from Danny Zuker, producer of Modern Family:

Guess Danny doesn’t think Christians watch his show? Or maybe he just doesn’t want them to.

Full disclosure, we had to look him up too.

He doubled DOWN:

Perhaps their outrage is that Zuker doesn’t really understand Christianity, doubt anyone on Twitter was all that upset over some jackass in Hollywood dropping an f-bomb.

Zuker doesn’t seem to understand that Obama and the Democrats really set these young people up to fail.

He did delete the other tweet and tried again …

But by this point it was too late, people had seen Zuker for who he really is.


Umm, really DUDE? MSNBC journo asks dumbest DACA question YET, deletes tweet (but we have it!)