That moment when you’re REALLY SUPER HAPPY that tweets can never really be deleted … that someone, somewhere has likely grabbed that tweet, especially if it’s incredibly stupid.

Like this one on DACA from journo, Sam Stein:

Did he really think DACA recipients could vote?

We know what he was going for, some story about a young person who uses DACA and now feels BETRAYED by the man they voted for; that they believed in the story of the American dream because of Trump, and now he’s turned his back on them.

Poor Sam.

So either Sam didn’t know they couldn’t vote legally, or he just admitted he knows they vote illegally.

Either way … *snort*


Sadly it’s not mindblowing at all anymore, this is what the media has become.

Drat, the Leftist media was foiled again!

And THAT’S the truth.


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