What IS it about being a producer of a sitcom that makes these self-important weenies think their opinions not only matter, but matter most of all? From the producer of Modern Family, Danny Zuker, saying ‘f*ck you’ to Christians, to this guy who produces Big Bang Theory:

Sorry Obianuju, there is no such thing as a level-headed debate with people like Bill Prady, but we get it.

Here’s a glimpse of this debate:

Dude tried to pretend the Bible supports abortion.

No, we’re not making this up.

And as much as he pretended he didn’t want to talk about religion, it was his main argument:


He thought this was some big gotcha … EH OH EL.

Gonna guess he didn’t see this one coming.

Answer the question, Bill.

Run awaaaaay!

Then he called her a bigot … ARE YOU KIDDING.

And the block.

Poor Bill, he seems delicate.


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