Sorry Democrats, but according to Peter Daou it’s ALL YOUR FAULT that the GOP will be ‘stripping healthcare away from millions’ because you didn’t work hard enough to elect Hillary Clinton.

Can’t make this crap up.

Yeah! It’s all your fault! If only you had elected his queen none of this would be happening.

Seriously, has there ever been a more uninformed, obsessive fan of a politician than Peter Daou? We’re almost embarrassed for him.



Careful, don’t talk bad about Peter’s girl. Heh.

It’s always time for Peter to tweet his adoration for the Wicked Witch of the Pantsuits.

And wow, if you thought Peter was a little nutty? Try reading through the threads that follow Daou’s tweets – the Left is totally unhinged. They seriously think the GOP is going to KILL THEM ALL and that apparently before Obamacare existed, people were just dying left and right in the streets.

Check it out:

Sorry, but it makes us laugh every time someone on the Left tweets all tough.

Ok, we may have laughed out loud reading this one.

The irony of this tweet, and how ignorant the Left is about what Obamacare did to millions of Americans; they lost insurance, they lost doctors, some people even died because of Obamacare.

Which was decided by a group of DEMOCRATS and we remember THAT date because it was Christmas Eve.

But tell us more about how evil Republicans are.


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