Yes, he did.

Real journalist” Juan Williams pulled both a Hillary “What Difference does it Make?” Clinton and an Oliver Willis. Media Matters’ Oliver Willis also grossly diminished the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi by turning it into a sick joke. Care about the lives of Americans murdered in Benghazi? Asking questions and fighting for justice? You are stupid rubes and those dead Americans are simply fodder for punchlines.

Juan Williams, filling in for the also loathsome Bob Beckel, upped the disgusting ante when Fox News’ “The Five” discussed the Benghazi investigation and President Obama’s dodging. Watch, if you can stomach it. The shake fisty is strong with this one.

Beyond repugnant. How dare he? Four Americans died. They were murdered. The administration has done nothing but stonewall and lie. And he not only criticizes those who seek truth and justice, but he demeaned those lost lives by equating them to the television character J.R. Ewing.

A waste of time would be trying to find your soul, Mr. Williams.

Twitter users are outraged and rightly so.

Viewers found Mr. Williams so loathsome that they are longing for Bob Beckel.

Look, when people prefer a cretinous misogynist to you, Mr. Williams, you are doing it wrong. But, hey, you won’t even notice, will you. It’s hard to see clearly when one is so blinded by sycophantic Obama idolizing.

Greg Gutfeld provides a palate cleanser with a zinger.


As for you, Mr. Williams: For shame. We can only hope that you plagiarized those disgusting comments, as is your tendency, instead of actually believing them.


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