The Romneys appeared on “Fox News Sunday” today, and reflected on the election loss.

Heh. But, something Ann Romney said ended up sparking a ton of buzz.

Lapdogs sneered.

It is quite clear, of course, that the lapdog media is biased.

There are a myriad of reasons why Romney lost, but Obama cheerleaders in the media certainly didn’t help matters with their incredibly biased and, at times, outright deceptive reporting.

While Ann Romney may be happy to blame the media, the Left is, once again, happy to spew hate, natch. It’s what they do.

That’s right. They are still pushing the absurd rage against the pronoun. As Twitchy reported time and time again, Ann Romney never even said that. The oh-so-classy tweets continued:

Know your place, Ann! No talkies allowed: Liberal men say so.

New tone, same as the old tone.


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