Liberals to Ann Romney: Happy Birthday, bitch. Hope you die.

After GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney wished his wife Ann a happy birthday on Twitter this morning,  liberals quickly responded with the new tone-y vitriol we’ve come to expect. They also attacked Mrs. Romney for saying, “It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother.”

Clearly not an attack on women? What about calling one vile slurs? The lack of self-awareness is astounding. The reason that it was an early birthday gift is because the Left showed its true colors. Being a bit obtuse, lefties don’t understand that so they are continuing to expose themselves and their misogyny.

Fake outrage? Our outrage is real. And it’s spectacular. But keep digging, Left.

Empowering! The Left continuing to fully expose itself is an early gift for us all.

Mitt Romney and his sons released a lovely birthday video to honor Mrs. Romney today. We’re thinking that will go a long way toward helping her tune out the Left’s nastiness.

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