Twitter has been buzzing over #TGDN.  But, what is it?

Heh. It does stand for Twitter Gulag Defense Network. What exactly is that, though, and why is it needed?

Twitchy has reported extensively on the Twitter Gulag. See, dissent is only patriotic if  it doesn’t involve happy warriors pushing back against media and leftist false narratives. When that happens, Twitter libs unite to silence conservatives, by abusing the flag-spam system, in order to get their accounts suspendedJust ask Nancy Sinatra, who also gleefully took part in falsely flagging Twitter users as spam, for the oh-so-criminal act of disagreeing with her leftist ideology.

Such tactics can only be countered with more, and stronger, speech. Enter, Twitter grassroots power, baby. Todd Kincannon, who came up with the idea, explains it all.

That’s a difference between the Right and the Left. The Left seeks to silence anyone whom they deem is an “other.” The Right will, and does, protect all.

Other Twitter users weigh in with their ideas and helpful tips to get the ball rolling.

Some sound advice. #TGDN is not a guarantee of freedom from Twitter Gulag; the magic formula that results in a Gulag term is unknown to most. But, there is something to be said for strength in numbers, as well as for the vast support that a conservative network provides.

The response was instantaneous and overwhelming. Happy warriors immediately came together to try to mitigate this targeting of conservatives on Twitter.

It has been trending since yesterday! There are over 3,000 members already and the lists keep growing.

The response is so overwhelming that members need to take care to not follow too many at one time.


Hashtag to power is the new truth to power.


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