In the Left’s crosshairs: challenge the War on Women meme, get flagged as spam on Twitter

Two of the progressive Twitter users advocating digital vigilantism in response to the oh-so-grave injustice of unmuzzled conservatives are @jmcaninch68  and @subculturestuff, active promoters of the Left’s pet War on Women meme. They are targeting conservatives who dared to participate in the United Against the War on Women hashtag (#UAWOW).

They want to end Rush Limbaugh’s supposed War on Women by disappearing his supporters? No shock that this sort of silencing tactic is coming from Stop Rush (read: Media Matters) flunkies. Conservatives, of course, took notice:

Other progressive Twitter users are reportedly getting in on the muzzling action:!/grumpy_elephant/status/196952933013782528

Some liberals called for blocking or referred to conservative tweets as spam, but didn’t explicitly direct the War on Women crowd to use the flag-spam method of purging conservatives.

While it is difficult to verify with certainty that specific blocked accounts are also being reported for spam, it’s clear that this is part of the Left’s larger strategy to take down online conservatives:

Is that how the Twitter powers-that-be want to play this?

Hat tips to Michael Moser and Teri Christoph.

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