Twitter suspends another conservative account; Update: Chris Loesch free, flag-spam prog brigade still loose; Update: Loesch suspended again; Update: @ChrisLoesch is back up and running

Just as with @FreeMarket_US last week, Twitter has suspended the account of conservative Chis Loesch. Chis is the husband of talk radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch and is very active on Twitter. Once again, Twitter’s reasons for suspending Chris’s account are not clear.

However, as @RBPundit and @lheal point out, it is likely due to liberals abusing Twitter’s system for reporting spam.

Dana Loesch and many others want answers from Twitter. Why did they suspend Chris Loesch’s account? Was the suspension due to liberals flag-spamming him?

Is Twitter working on a solution to keep liberals from abusing the spam submission system in the future?

Update: Due to a tidal wave of tweets #FreeChrisLoesch has trended worldwide.

We will update this post as more information comes in.


Welcome to the #twittergulag:



After a massive pushback tonight, Chris Loesch is free!

It’s not over yet. Coordinated flag-spamming is a problem that Twitter needs to address now and preemptively, not AFTER conservative accounts are targeted and taken down.

Second, Chris lost all of his followers. Help:


Were you a target of left-wing flag-spammers trying to take out conservative voices on Twitter. Twitchy will try and compile a list of unjustly suspended accounts. Please send your info (and as much documentation as possible that you were targeted) to or below in comments. Kudos to @shanewright22 and @benhowe for getting the ball rolling.

Standing our ground!



Update: 12:36am Unbelievable. Chris Loesch’s account has been suspended again.!/DustinLyle/status/196819694471225346

Chris’s crime? Defending his wife from vile, vicious, violent attacks.

#freechrisloeschagain is trending.

Update 1:23am Chris was back up again briefly, then suspended again.

We will have much more on the flag-spam abusers and Twitter’s p.r. problem.

Stay tuned.


Update: Twitter, you have a problem.


Update 4/30, 12:58 PM: Twitter has reinstated Chris Loesch‘s Twitter account.

Let’s hope Twitter has approved his account for good this time. Twitchy will continue to monitor what’s been going on and we will continue to hold Twitter accountable for its actions. Thanks to all of our readers for help and info!

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