#freeshanewright22 and more: Conservative users still trapped in #twittergulag; Update: Shane Wright freed, spam block attack confirmed

Twitchy told you about the plights of @FreeMarket_US and @ChrisLoesch — both knocked off Twitter unjustly and then reinstated by Twitter after a surge of support from fellow conservatives online. The fight continues. Tonight, conservative activists publicized the suspension of @shanewright22.


There are more still trapped:



Vocal conservative social-media activists helped bring the infestation of “progressive” flag-spam abusers to Twitter’s attention. Leftists scoffed at #twittergulag, but Twitter responded by reinstating many accounts.

As Dana Loesch reported — in a smackdown of ill-informed Yahoo.com reporter Chris Wilson – the Leftists’ maliciously coordinated blocks of conservative users are real and the subject of Twitter investigation:

From Twitter, bold my emphasis:

You’ve been unsuspended, and I’ve asked the team to monitor the account […] we are still investigating the best ways to work on this …

the coordinated blocks may still trip the automated systems, but we will try to stay a step ahead

You may also refer to my note that coordinated blocks could trip the automated spam systems …

Please note your follower/following counts maybe a little screwy for an hour or so after suspension/reinstatement. Thanks for your patience.

… It was suspended and it was a coordinated effort and it seems some of those who are spinning the fastest are the ones guilty of the TOS violation themselves…

An activist has created @FreeChrisLoesch (not affiliated with Chris Loesch) to keep track on Twitter of conservatives stuck in #twittergulag. There is also a @TwitterGulag account to help publicize the plight of those targeted by progressive silencers.

Twitter users: You can help by tweeting this post to @gov and @support.

Eternal vigilance!


Thank you, Twitter. Shane Wright is free and the coordinated spam block was confirmed:

We also heard from Angie Mancuso, who is now unsuspended and got similar confirmation that she was victim of a coordinated spam block attack. She notes that prior to her suspension, she had been interacting with #stoprush liberal Twitter activists.

We’ll keep on ’em, too.


Ken Gardner has some advice:

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