Say it ain’t so! How will people offer photographic proof of the horrific mess created by the coming Tampocalypse if the eeevil!!!11!! Mitt Romney bans Instagram?

Once again, Obama supporters have discovered a cuckoo rumor that’s just too darn good to check: Romney plans to ban Instagram because he believes it’s an iPhone app for measuring illegal street drugs. Really:

Yeah! What a dummy! And trust us, these Twitter users know dumb better than most.

One Twitterer has it all figured out:

The absurd rumor comes from an article published at The Daily Currant, an “online satirical newspaper.”

Here’s a quote attributed to Romney in the knock-you-over-the-head obvious satire:

“I’ve just heard about this application – a mobile application for your iPhone  And what you do is place a small amount of cocaine, or marijuana, or PCP on top of your phone and the application instantly tells you how many grams you have.”

“Its called Instagram. And do you know what the really scary thing is people? I’m told this instant drug measurement tool is the 9th most downloaded app for the iPhone.”

Satire is hard. But death wishes and assassination threats? Easy peasy:


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