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Due process says hello: Noted former prosecutor running for president wants Brett Kavanaugh impeached now

California Sen. and presidential candidate Kamala Harris claims that newly-released, widely-rebuked and partially-deleted allegations published by the New York Times about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh should lead to his impeachment from the high court.


So, this former prosecutor claims that the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings and investigation, which afforded Kavanaugh due process, were “a sham” while insisting that he (without due process) “must be impeached.”


One would think a candidate who continues to tout her credentials as a former prosecutor would be primarily interested in the actual evidence involved.


Many Americans were paying close attention to the Kavanaugh hearings last year, and if Harris and other Democrats decide to relitigate his confirmation hearing over the 2020 election, it could prove to be a double-edged sword.



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