A new poll out from the University of New Hampshire has Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg leading President Joe Biden by 1%:

Here’s the summary:

Only one-fifth of Granite Staters want President Biden to seek another term in 2024 and support among Democrats has fallen dramatically since last summer. When asked who they would support in a 2024 presidential primary, Biden is tied with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Biden’s personal favorability is at an all-time low and is lower than many possible 2024 candidates among New Hampshire Democrats.

“Buttimentum” time!

For comparison purposes, in 2020 Bernie won the primary, Buttigieg was 2nd and Joe Biden 5th:

Vice President Kamala Harris at only 6% is pretty funny, too:

Mayor Pete is not the savior of the Dem party, that’s pretty clear:

But what’s more interesting is how Dem operatives like Max Burns here are totally onboard with ditching the president:

They can’t help themselves:


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