Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced his plans to retire by the end of Joe Biden’s current presidential term. He quickly backtracked on that and clarified that he did not, in fact, plan to retire at the end of Joe Biden’s current presidential term.

While most of us were pretty bummed that Fauci is apparently wanting to stick around for a lot longer, Sen. Rand Paul, ever the optimist, found the silver lining in the news:

Well, this morning, Fauci basically told Paul to hit him with his best shot:

The only thing Dr. Anthony Fauci is guilty of, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, is being too good at his job! And saving millions of lives, of course. So Rand Paul might as well just back off right now!

Dr. Fauci would certainly like for Rand Paul to back off, as Paul has probably come at Fauci the hardest, trapping him in lies and getting him to make some pretty damning admissions. But something tells us that Sen. Paul isn’t going to take Fauci’s self-aggrandizement as gospel and start giving him the benefit of the doubt.

And that’s a good thing. Because Anthony Fauci needs to be taken down a peg or 500, and Rand Paul’s just the guy to do it.

Good. He should be shook.