Pennsylvania GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Ox stopped by the iconic Phill cheesesteak joints of Pat’s and Geno’s on Friday to bash the Biden administration on inflation.

He tweeted, “South Philly is ready for a Dose of Reality! Biden’s record-breaking inflation is making it harder for businesses like both Pat’s and Geno’s to stay afloat. A world without cheesesteaks? That’s just crazy!”

But Dr. Oz, a new resident of the commonwealth, was quickly mocked by his opponent, Lieutenant Gov. John Fetterman:

“Ah yes, the trip to Pats + Geno’s — a rite of passage for every tourist.”

Even Pat’s saw fit to dunk on the former cardiac surgeon, asking “Do you even live in Pa” and “can you spell the town you live in?”:

And, yes, this is their official account:

Pat’s was referring to this spelling error made by the Oz campaign on his official “Statement of Candidacy”:

Other Twitter users want Dr. Oz to run up the Rocky steps on his visit to Philly:

It’s didn’t go as well as he expected, that’s for sure:

The cardiac surgeon pointing to “#TheHeartAttack” is a nice touch, too:

They’re evolving?

There is one bit of good news for Dr. Oz over the visit. . .

The last time a candidate was mocked nationally for eating a cheesesteak was John Kerry in 2004:

And Kerry won the state over George W. Bush 50.92%-48.42%. Maybe Pennsylvania voters really don’t care about this? Advantage: Dr. Oz.


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