A Rochester, NY police officer is under investigation after a video captured him arresting an EMT inside of a hospital after the EMT allegedly opened the door of her ambulance into his patrol car that was parked in an ambulance bay.

According to News 10 NBC’s Jennifer Lewke, the officer demanded the EMT provide him with identification BEFORE she transported her patient inside the hospital. Watch for yourself:

The EMT was later released after a supervisor showed up:

The officer has since been assigned to desk duty and an investigation is underway:

Statement from the Police Chief David Smith:

Strong Hospital Incident – Updated

The Rochester Police Department prides itself on providing professional and courteous services to our community. On July 11, 2022, a member of the Rochester Police Department and an employee of Monroe Ambulance were involved in an incident at Strong Hospital. Chief Smith was notified of the incident and immediately directed an internal investigation by the Professional Standards Section. Pending the internal investigation, the member involved has been placed on administrative assignment. We ask for patience as we ensure that a thorough and complete investigation is completed.

Chief David Smith says “I have high expectations for all members of the Rochester Police Department. Obviously, this incident is deeply concerning to me. As a result of this interaction at Strong Hospital, I have directed our Professional Standards Section to initiate an internal investigation. The member involved has been re-assigned to administrative duties, pending the results of this investigation. As Chief, I demand the members of the Rochester Police Department perform their duties in a professional manner. And as such, we must hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability.”

As you might imagine, the ambulance service is PISSED at how their employee was treated:

And Rochester Mayor Malik Evans didn’t seem to happy about having to answer questions about it as well:

We’ll keep you posted.


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