As we told you earlier, President Joe Biden skipped the handshake with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince but he did Mohammed bin Salman but he did give the man his administration said personally ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi a fist bump:

But what did the United States even get out of this farce? If you believe the White House spin, Saudi Arabia shares President Biden’s “urgency” to increase the supply of oil and they “expect we’ll see further steps in the coming weeks”:

Now for the readout from Saudi Arabia which is a giant nothing-burger:

“The Saudi reading of the Biden-MbS meeting is more circumspect. Adel Al-Jubeir, a top Saudi diplomat briefing afterward, said that Riyadh will produce more oil **if it sees a shortage** (that’s a long standing Saudi policy). And he indicated Riyadh will work via OPEC+”

So, Saudi Arabia is going to do what it always does but at least they got the cool photo-op. Well done, Mr. President:

Whispers: There is no magic solution to all this:

Oh, and for those paying attention, this was all predicted BEFORE Biden’s meeting:



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