President Biden left Israel earlier in the day (where he had a few gaffes and, er, interesting moments) and then Air Force One made its way to Saudi Arabia, where Biden will meet with Saudi royalty.

When Biden arrived he gave the Crown Prince a fist bump:

The White House has said that Biden would be fist bumping instead of shaking hands because of Covid, but in Israel, the president shook several hands. The Saudi Crown Prince received the fist bump instead.

The fist bump has more of a “what’s up, bro” feel to it.

Up next Biden will ask the Saudis to ramp up oil production to help stop his plummeting approval rating:

The Biden White House is already trying to lower expectations (we’ve gotten used to doing that with this administration):

Meanwhile, GOP Sen. John Kennedy asked a great question a couple of days ago:

Can Peter Doocy please ask Biden’s press secretary that question at the next briefing?



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