Oof. It appears that President Joe Biden committed four new gaffes while visiting East Jerusalem this morning.

Gaffe No. 1:

Before crossing into East Jerusalem, Biden removed the Israeli flags from his motorcade — “a move that may be seen as undermining Israeli sovereignty”:

And he pledged $100 million of aid to a Palestinian hospital network while there:

But this led to gaffe No. 2 as no Israeli officials were allowed to attend the ceremony:

And “Israelis are furious”:

Gaffe No. 3:

Biden took a dig at our two biggest allies — the UK and Israel — in one quote after comparing the Irish experience with Great Britain to what’s going on with the Palestinians and Israel:

And, yet, not unexpected:

How soon until the White House walks this back?

It may be too late for that:

President Ron Klain, come get your puppet:

Gaffe No. 4:

Oh, and he’s still shaking hands:

And his next stop in Saudi Arabia where everyone is watching if he’ll shake hands with Crown Prince MBS or not. It’s kind of impossible for the White House to claim he’s not shaking hands because of Covid at this point:

Stay tuned. . .



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