Yes, the part here about the donor being into UFOs is a fun aside, but the real story is the BONKERS cash on hand number just reported by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: $130.4 million!

From NBC News:

A Las Vegas space entrepreneur who is financing afterlife and UFO research and believes aliens walk among us has given an astronomical sum to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s political committee: $10 million.

The July 7 contribution from Robert Bigelow — once dubbed the “Cosmic Landlord” by Forbes — is the biggest single donation DeSantis has received in his re-election campaign amid speculation he’s entertaining a 2024 presidential bid.

The check Bigelow cut to the Friends of Ron DeSantis committee and published on its website Thursday evening is so big that it exceeds the total combined contributions received this year, as of July 1, by both of the Democrats seeking to challenge DeSantis in the fall.

Florida reporter Peter Schorsch adds that Gov. DeSantis has so much money on hand, that “top-tier” lobbyists can’t even get on his schedule:

So, has any other state politician ever shown this fundraising prowess?

We suspect he won’t have to spend that much to beat either Rep. Charlie Crist or Ag Commissioner Nikkie Fried:

And, with what will be a ton of money on hand after November, what might Gov. DeSantis use those funds for? Hmmm. . .

. . .to be continued.