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#RunJoeRunAMovie: Biden's Resolve to Stay in the 2024 Race Ignites a Hilarious New Hashtag Game


Who's up for a hashtag game this morning? 

As the Team Biden Amtrak Express continues to careen off the rails into a ravine filled with flaming dumpsters, the President himself yesterday attempted to assure everyone (and maybe himself) that he is still up for the job. First, Joe Biden made a rambling appearance -- by phone -- on Morning Joe, where he could be audibly heard shuffling through his pre-written script and angrily yelling at other Democrats to challenge him. Then, in a letter he totally wrote himself with no help from Jill or Hunter at all, Biden demanded an end to the 'drama.'


Norms restored. Soul of the nation healed. The adults are back in charge. 

Maybe not everyone was convinced by these efforts, though. One person who had her doubts was Twitchy favorite The Morning Spew, who launched a new hashtag game as only she could. This time, Spew invited Twitter to use the magic of movies to pay tribute to Biden's (un)fitness for office with the hashtag #RunJoeRunAMovie.

The face paint (or is that baby food?) was a perfect touch. 

What followed was an evening of Twitter -- and Twitchy -- gold. 

Since Spew started the game, we'll give her the first couple of cracks at it before moving on to everyone else who picked up on the game. 

LOL. Perfect. We can neither confirm nor deny whether 'Doctor' Jill holds Biden's eyes open with braces and forces him to watch clips of bad nursing homes should he ever decide to drop out of the race or resign from office.

With the game in full swing, everyone else started chiming in. There were so many, there's no way we could capture them all, but here are many of our favorites: 


If that one is in subtitles, someone is going to have to read the dialogue to Biden. Can Hunter read? 

Eeeew, dude. Also, this one's perfect because Robert DeNiro can reprise his role as Jack Walsh and take Biden on a rollicking cross-country trip where they take turns incoherently shouting at each other. 

Gone With The Rain? Snow? Sleet? Come on, man. Help us out here.

In this version, Indiana Biden must find the mysterious Ark of the Medicine Cabinet. 

Is there any war in which Beau hasn't died heroically? 

HA. We see what you did there. Timely reference right after the Fourth of July. We're pretty sure these aliens won't want anyone to take them to our leader though.


Maybe a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away is where we will finally find Biden's brain.

Ouch. That one hits a little too close to home ... and our wallets. 

Don't worry. There are plenty more tripping and falling movie references to come. 

Please don't force Dolly Parton to sing those lyrics. The woman is a national treasure. 

STRAWBERRIES! Give the man back his strawberries!

The overdose revival scene with a hypodermic needle takes on a whole new meaning if it stars the cast of the Biden family.

More poop jokes. Can you ever have enough of them? 

HA. 'Think ya used enough Adderall there, Jill?'

He does seem to spend more time there than in the White House. Can we rename Marine One 'The Family Truckster'?


Poor Uncle Bosey. That man probably didn't deserve any of this. 

Both of those work.

There is zero chance that we'll get a second debate if Biden stays in the race, but this was still funny. 

See? We told you there would be more falling references. 

Yikes. Joan Crawford ain't got nothin' on 'Doctor' Jill. 

Now, there's a scary thought. And an accurate one. 


HAHA. That movie title is going to be tough to fit on a poster, but we'll accept it. 

It's a horror movie triple feature at the drive-in. 

Come to think of it, these are all horror movies.

Biden's mask of sanity has definitely slipped. 

Biden and his brother James are on a mission from ... China? 

Uh-oh. We know what happens at the end of that movie. 

This would explain so many things.


Adding the walker was a nice touch here. 

Sure, why not more movies about incontinence? It worked for Trainspotting. 

We're alternating between being completely grossed out and laughing our butts off at some of these. 

See what we mean? 

Before we go, let's have one for Kamala too. 


OK, it's about time to wrap this up, but you can check out the hashtag on Twitter if you want to see even more of them. Since The Morning Spew started all the fun, we'll give her the last two entries: 


Aaaaaand, scene, LOL.

Thanks for having some fun with us this morning. And thanks to The Morning Spew for giving Twitter another outstanding hashtag game.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got a ton of movies to go and watch. Maybe we'll start with All the President's Meds.


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