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You Know ... for the Kids: LEGO Releases 'Pride Parade' Video Featuring Drag Queens and Furries

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It is July yet? 

Normally, we don't like to rush summer along, this writer quite enjoys the warm weather (plus, it's fun to watch the climate cult lose their minds during the summer months), but we've just about had it with 'Pride Month.' 


Police are charging people with felonies for the sin of making skid marks over sacred religious flags painted on streets, politicians are removing 'homophobic' and 'anti-queer' street signs (yes, street signs), and that isn't even getting into governments and businesses prostrating themselves before the 'pride progress' flag or the endless sexually explicit parades that have nothing to do with 'pride.' 

And all the while this is happening, the activists are getting more and more obvious about who the target of their message is: the children. 

LEGO is the latest entrant into the Look How Woke We Are Olympics. Yesterday, the company -- which still purports to be a children's toy producer -- unveiled a new 'Pride Parade' video that laid bare its intention to indoctrinate children into the woke cult. Watch: 

Good Lord. Drag queens and furries and lesbian grandmothers, OH MY. 

We don't like this Land of Oz very much, Auntie Em. 

We do want to be fair about one thing: LEGO recently has become increasingly popular with adults. We get that. But it is still a children's toy company, and this ad is clearly geared in that direction. (Some might also ask how we know the animals are furries and not just animals. To which we would respond, 'Then why are they all bears'? LEGO knew what they were doing here.)


Yes. And that's who they made the video for. 

We have reached the 'It's not happening and it's good that it is' phase of pride marketing. 

They're not even hiding it anymore. 

Like most of 'Pride Month' in general, this video has nothing at all to do with 'LGB' and everything to do with 'TQ+' (and they never want to answer what the plus stands for).


They're going to MAKE the kids want it. Because the kids are the objective. 

The hypocrisy of LEGO -- like so many other companies during 'Pride Month' -- was not lost on Twitter. 


OOF. Of course, this video will only be shown in Western countries. Despite the protestations of 'Queers for Palestine,' there would be quite the counterreaction if this were to be shown in any Middle Eastern nations. 

Wouldn't THAT be a refreshing change of pace? But it will never happen. Not as long as there are ESG scores to earn. 


This isn't a coincidence. LEGO is not meant to appeal to the lower or middle classes anymore. It is for the wealthy (who are also more likely to be woke). The average cost of a LEGO set in 2023 was over $60. LEGO Icons sets (more specialty items, such as those themed after popular properties like Ghostbusters or Transformers) averaged over $175 each. In the past decade, LEGO prices have increased by 35 percent. 


If you are not familiar with the bear pictured on the right, he is known as 'Pedobear.' And we'll leave it at that. 

As we said previously, LEGO is marketing to older audiences now, but kids are still their target market, with the ideal age being between nine and ten years old. 

What's scarier is that LEGO is the top-earning toy company in the world, vastly outpacing companies like Mattel and Hasbro in annual revenue.

But many people said goodbye to LEGO forever after seeing this video. If consumers remain determined to give LEGO the Bud Light treatment, hopefully, they will not hold that top spot for much longer. 

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