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NY Post Continues to Call Man Who Killed Parents 'She,' Even As HE Brags 'I Would Do It Again'


Earlier this week, the name of Mia Bailey was trending on Twitter for the worst reason in the world. Bailey is a 'trans woman' -- also known as a mentally ill man -- who gunned down his parents in cold blood in Utah on Tuesday night. Bailey had also tried to kill his brother during his rampage, but fortunately, the brother was able to flee the home and call 911. After a manhunt that lasted for many hours, police apprehended Bailey on Wednesday. 

After his arrest, according to the arrest documents as reported by The New York Post, Bailey openly bragged about the killings and happily said, 'I would do it again.'

The Utah trans woman accused of gunning down her parents in cold blood said she “would do it again” in a chilling admission to cops after she was arrested following an extensive manhunt, according to an affidavit.

Once in custody, Bailey – who recently changed her legal gender and name – allegedly confessed that she went to her parents’ home with the intention of killing them, as well as her brother, KSLTV reported, citing the arrest affidavit.

'I would do it again. I hate them,' Bailey said to the officers, referring to her parents.

'Mia openly describes her hatred of her brother,' the documents added.

There is so much to unpack here as Bailey joins the growing number of violent transgender criminals across America, most infamously Audrey Hale who murdered three children and three staff members at the Covenant School in Nashville. 

It is more than disturbing, it is terrifying. 

But I want to focus on the continued compliance of the media -- in the Bailey case and others -- of using a deranged killer's 'preferred' pronouns instead of biological truth. 

Mia Bailey is a man, no matter what name he gives himself or how many wigs he puts on. Obviously, he is a severely mentally disturbed man. What purpose or public interest does it serve for the media to report that fact incorrectly? 

Many on Twitter noticed the lie the media continued to spin about who Bailey is. 

There were many more reactions exactly like these, but I wanted to pause on this last one for a reason. I have written often at Twitchy about the manipulation of language by woke activists (whom I call Marxists because they are). 

'Preferred' pronouns are just another example of that, but it becomes even more grotesque when the media tries to play these games with a cold-blooded killer. For years, we have been told to 'just go along' with using preferred pronouns because it's a 'nice' thing to do. Who does it harm, they ask?

Well, first of all, it harms truth, something journalists used to care about. It harms reality. In the case of Bailey, it didn't just harm people, it ended two lives and almost a third. But even more than that, why are we concerned about being polite to a psychopathic murderer? Bailey has surrendered any right he may have thought he had to be referred to as 'she.' He surrendered that right when he approached his parents' house with the intent to kill. And he was gleeful about it. 

Recently, Megyn Kelly addressed this same issue when the question was raised on Twitter about how to properly refer to a 'trans woman.' Her response was epic: 

This is correct. Kelly has often talked about this on her podcast because she USED to be one of those who went along with the pronoun game for the very reason I mentioned: she wanted to be nice. 

But she quickly began to change her stance when she saw how men were using this accommodation of language to invade women's sports, to invade women's spaces, and, increasingly, to become violent against anyone who didn't 'affirm' them. (As was the case with Hale, this also goes for women pretending to be men, but it seems to be happening far more prevalently in the former scenario.) 

These days, Kelly is one of the most fervent opponents of 'preferred pronouns,' particularly when it comes to children. 

Properly calling Bailey a man, because he is one, also has implications for the criminal justice system. 

Bailey's defense team will surely attempt to get him placed in a women's prison, thus putting even more women at risk. Don't get me wrong, prisoners forfeit many of their rights by their own actions, but they don't forfeit basic human rights. And any woman who is imprisoned with Bailey is inherently in danger. 

Today, people know J.K. Rowling as a strong proponent of women's rights and spaces with respect to transgenderism, so much so that many often forget that Rowling is a committed liberal on most issues. What was the issue that launched her on her path to oppose putting men in women's spaces? It was prisons (women's shelters as well). She saw insane reports in the U.K. media of women being sexually assaulted by 'trans women' in prison and simply could not abide it.

Extra points to Rowling for the hefty dose of sarcasm there. 

Quite simply, it is impossible for a killer like Bailey to receive the punishment he deserves as long as the media or the justice system continues to pretend that he is a woman. 

What Bailey needed was not to be 'affirmed.' He needed genuine psychiatric care for his delusions about his gender. And if he always showed violent tendencies (and sooner or later, we're likely to find out that he did), that care needed to be administered in an institution, whether he wanted to be there or not. 

Make no mistake. As long as the 'gender affirming' game continues, there will be more Audrey Hales and more Mia Baileys. The 'affirming' needs to stop and the truth needs to take its place. 

Almost all conservatives have stopped playing this game. Every day, more and more 'normies' are also realizing how destructive it is to play along. It is long past time for the media to catch up and embrace reality. 

What are they afraid of?



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