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Second Whistleblower Exposes Texas Children's Hospital ... and Guess Who Came A-Knocking?


A couple of weeks ago, Twitchy reported on the story of Dr. Eithan Haim, a young surgeon in Texas who exposed the illegal 'gender-affirming care' (a.k.a., sterilizations and mutilations) of children taking place at Texas Children's Hospital. For his courage, Haim was immediately targeted by the Biden Justice Department and hit with four trumped-up HIPAA felony charges


Haim now faces up to 10 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for trying to protect children from monstrous doctors who are destroying their lives for profit. But Haim has vowed not to be silent and to fight against the charges against him. 

Bravery like that, in the face of the full force of the federal government, deserves our admiration, of course. But it also inspires others to come forward. This morning, Christopher Rufo, the reporter who first told Haim's story, announced that this is exactly what happened, as he teased a new report from a second whistleblower. 

Later this afternoon, Rufo broke the story on Twitter and in the City Journal. The new whistleblower, Vanessa Sivadge, is a nurse at Texas Children's and what she had to say is every bit as devastating to the medical malpractice taking place at that hospital as Haim's was. 


Much like one of the early whistleblowers about 'gender-affirming care,' Jamie Reed, Sivadge spent years working at the hospital and was dismayed at the dramatic rise in 'trans-identifying' youth and also at the cavalier approach the hospital took to giving them drugs and surgeries. 

In the text of the tweet above, you can see how she reported that she came to believe she was participating in 'deeds of evil and darkness.' 

But just as Reed's exposure led to the halt of ALL transgender treatments for minors at Washington University in St. Louis, Sivadge hoped the same was happening at Texas Children's when, as Rufo reported, the hospital announced it was shutting down its transgender clinic after receiving scrutiny from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. 

But as we know now from Haim's whistleblowing, that wasn't true. Texas Children's secretly re-opened the program only days later. 

Sivadge had seen Rufo's reporting of Dr. Haim and knew she had to take action, so she contacted Rufo herself. 

Sivadge soon had seen enough. She read my investigative report exposing Texas Children’s sex-change program, which relied on testimony from Haim, and reached out to share her own observations.

'I work very closely with this provider, Dr. Richard Roberts. I’ve been in the room with him when he speaks with these patients,' she told me in an interview. 'Dr. Roberts is extremely encouraging of their transition and will essentially do whatever he can to make sure that they are happy, at least externally happy. Because I am absolutely certain that they are not internally happy. He is very accommodating. He does whatever they want. Essentially, there is no critical analysis of the process.' 

This is very similar to another doctor, Robert Garofolo at Northwestern University, who has proudly proclaimed that he doesn't need research or testing to determine if a child is 'trans.' He just asks them. Once. 


Sivadge then disclosed to Rufo that what Texas Children's was doing was not only immoral, but illegal, as they were violating the state's Medicaid laws. 

While the hospital denied this was taking place, working together, Sivadge and Rufo identified doctors who WERE illegally exploiting the Medicaid program. 

The last sentence of that tweet reads, 'The patient was enrolled in the state Medicaid program.'

It is difficult to believe that this fraud is limited to just two doctors or two patients (even though it would still be illegal if it was only those two cases). 

For Sivadge, there was no doubt about what was happening. 'The largest children’s hospital in the country is illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures,' she said. 'It is evident that the hospital continues to believe it is above the law not just by concealing the existence of their transgender medicine program from the public, but by stealing from the federal government.'


But the story gets even worse if you can imagine that even being possible. 

Like Dr. Haim, Sivadge -- who should receive a medal for her courage to speak out -- instead got a visit from ... guess who? 

This visit actually occurred during the Justice Department's witch hunt of Dr. Haim, but Sivadge had ALSO been talking to Rufo during that time. The clip here is brief, but Rufo reported more of the exchange Sivadge had with the FBI: 

Two months after I spoke with her for that story, Sivadge called me in a panic. The FBI had sent two special agents, Paul Nixon and David McBride, to her home. The agents knocked on the door, asked her about 'some of the things that have been going on at [her] work lately,' and then asked to enter her home. She was terrified. (The FBI declined to comment.)

The agents told Sivadge that she was a 'person of interest' in an investigation targeting the whistleblower who had exposed the child sex-change program. They told her that the whistleblower had broken federal privacy laws. 'They threatened me,' Sivadge said. 'They promised they would make life difficult for me if I was trying to protect the leaker. They said I was ‘not safe’ at work and claimed that someone at my workplace had given my name to the FBI.'

Nice Gestapo tactics there, Agents Nixon and McBride.

At this time, no warrants or charges have been issued against Sivadge (we'll see if that changes after Rufo's report), but the implication from the FBI is clear. If you speak out about a hospital breaking the law to mutilate and sterilize children, they will come after you.


Like Haim, however, Sivadge remains steadfast in her fight against 'gender-affirming care.' 

'My faith and my gut, just knowing right from wrong, compels me,' she says. 'I was born for this. I have no doubt this is what I am supposed to do ...

... I was told to do something I knew was wrong,' she says. 'It made me sick that the lie called ‘gender-affirming care’ was being sold to parents and children and creating hugely lucrative profits in secret—and I was part of it.'

The bravery that takes cannot be overstated, particularly when we consider that there's very little doubt that the FBI no longer exists anymore as a law enforcement agency but as the hired muscle for the leftist agenda. 

This is quite simply terrifying.

Jesse Kelly, as usual, characterized the current situation as only Jesse Kelly can. 

No, he's not kidding. Nor is he wrong. 


It's important to remember that the 'regime' in this case is not simply one administration, as bad as the DOJ has been under Biden. The FBI did much of this under the Obama and Trump administrations as well, as Donald Trump well knows. 

The rot runs FAR deeper than simply who is President in any given year. 

This is good advice, but it is also exemplary of how the FBI has completely destroyed itself as an organization. NO American will want to -- or should want to -- talk to them about ANY investigation. Not when it acts like this. 

Returning to the original subject of Sivadge's whistleblowing, it is clear that Governor Abbott and AG Paxton in Texas need to send some criminals at Texas Children's to prison. 

He had better. And it looks like he is. 


As Sivadge stated to Rufo, Texas Children's is operating as though it believes it is above the law. 

The only way to stop that is to show them -- in the most severe but legal way possible -- that they are not.


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